Larnaca Airport Parking

Larnaca Airport presently offers a total parking space for about 900 cars, distributed between one short term lot - P1 (in front of terminal building) and two long-term parking lots (P2 and P3). Parking costs are inexpensive, however finding a space in long term parking park may take some time and effort.

With the expansion works of new Larnaca Airport in progress, Larnaca Airport parking is expected to get a boost with additional 900 parking spaces, bringing total Larnaca Airport Parking space to 1800 cars! However this is expected to take some time and will be commissioned somewhere between 2011 - 2013.

Larnaca Airport Parking Fees

Larnaca Airport Parking fees table is given below, however please note that the prices can be changed at any time and parking fees chart for Larnaca Airport is to be used as a general guideline only! For passengers with special needs, please check Larnaca Airport facilties for people with reduced Mobility.

Duration Price
0 - 20 minutes FREE
21 - 30 minutes €2
31 - 60 minutes €3.5
1 - 2 hours €4.5
2 - 4 hours €6
4 - 12 hours €9
12 - 24 hours €12
Per day up to 5 days €12 per day
Per day after 5 days €6 per day

If you loose your parking ticket, there is an extra charge of €50 accompanied by a vehicle release charge of €85.

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