Larnaca Airport Transfers

There are only a couple of transfer options for getting from Larnaca Airport into town, and there is a general lack of pubic transport infrastructure in much of Cyprus. Visitors arriving to Cyprus are advised to make arrangements either with Larnaca Airport taxi transfer services or car hire at Larnaca Airport.

Larnaca Airport Bus Transfers

Intercity buses connect Larnaca Airport with Larnaca town and other major destinations in Cyprus, however bus transfer services are few and operate within limited time periods, starting at 6 a.m with last service at 4 p.m. (There are no buses on Saturday afternoons or on Sundays)

Larnaca Airport Train Transfers

There is no train service at the moment to or from Larnaca Airport.

Larnaca Airport Shuttle Transfers

No shuttle service is in operation at the moment either from or to Larnaca Airport!

Taxi Transfers from Larnaca Airport

Taxi transfer services from Larnaca Airport are readily available, however this is an expensive method, read more about Larnaca Taxi Transfers here.

Car Hire Larnaca Airport

This is the cheapest and most preferred method for majority of tourists visiting Cyprus, and one of the most convenient options is Larnaca Airport car hire!